stealdontkill (stealdontkill) wrote in med_school,

dr. shadowing, research, etc

Hey everbody! I'm currently in my junior year of undergrad, majoring in biology. I've seen a lot of you mention the importance of taking the time to shadow a doctor. I'm kind of wondering about specifics here. Would this involve shadowing a doctor for one day, several times, a month's time, etc? How do you include this in med school applications?

Also, I'm trying to get involved in some type of undergraduate research at my school, or working under a doctor in a hospital, but I'm kind of nervous about it. In general, for those of you that have done research, how exactly does a research job work? Are you given an experiment to conduct with directions, like in a lab? Or do you design your own? Or are you just doing things like punching numbers in a computer?

I'd love to hear about any of yall's experiences with shadowing and research. Thanks! :) :)
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