Liz (evil_winky) wrote in med_school,

Decision Time

Hi all.

Last June I was still contemplating medical school and possibly specializing in psychiatry. Well, I have finally decided to go for it. After my first year of teaching (which ends this June), I've realized that teaching isn't the career I thought it would be. It's not what I want. I thought this last in the fall of 2010 but by then I was a semester away from graduating so I finished the degree.

I want to go to medical school. I'm going to make this happen. Planning on starting prereqs in fall 2012!
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Good for you! Best of luck. Medical School was the best decision I ever made. I took a break between undergrad and Med School too and oddly enough, also worked in education (I ran a private learning/tutoring center). Going back to school was great decision.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great. :)
Thank you! I'm so nervous because I know that once I commit, there is no going back. I'm so worried I won't get the grades I need or the MCAT score I need to get in. I know that's irrational because I'm a very good student. I guess I'm more afraid of what my friends and family will think. *shrugs*

Did you find that education made for a good talking point in interviews and that it was a respected leap pad profession into med school? :-)
First off, you will get the grades to get in and the MCAT (while awful and random) is NOT an insurmountable obstacle, even if you should do poorly, so put that out of your head for right now and just focus on the grades, which, as a good student - you seem pretty sure you can get. :) Hold on to that.

Secondly, give up on (if you can) worrying about what your friends and family are going to think. unless they are all physicians you are doing something that they have no metric to judge. At some point on this journey (good student or not) you will likely fail something (a test, a quiz...a class)and you can't tie your self esteem to your grades OR what people think of your grades. You'll go insane.

Well, medical education is all about education actually so yeah, I was able to talk about how much I loved to teach and how I couldn't wait to apply that to residency.

You know, I'll be honest, while the prospect of getting into medical school is challenging, I feel like there is this HUGE nervous/obsessive complex with people. I think we get psyched out REALLY fast. You are being completely logical and SANE in your perspective. I like that!

Eh, mom and dad will probably be supportive in the end. I think they just don't want me to go into debt. But that's going to happen either way.

I am sort of preparing myself to fail something. Physics will probably be a problem for me (not the concepts, just the math). But my teaching experience has taught me that failure is a good leap pad to something better, providing I don't freak out.

Why did YOU choose to go into medicine? I'm really trying to sort out and solidify my reasons so that I know I am wanting to do this for the right reasons. I'm always curious as to why people take that plunge.