Matt Shook (mwshook) wrote in med_school,
Matt Shook

Does anyone want to maintain this community?

Hello, I am the creator of this community.
In 2000, I was one of the original users of LJ. I made my first post while cramming, the day before I took my MCAT.

I started this community 9 years ago when I was a first-year medical student. Since then, I met my wife through LJ, graduated, finished a family medicine residency, and have been in practice for 3 years. I'm no longer the carefree student I once was, I have a mortgage, a baby (and of course, student loans). After a colleague started getting harassed by a drug-addict patient on facebook, I deleted my FB and made my LJ friends-only. In the years since then, I have mostly moved to an anonymous twitter account. LJ was once a huge part of my life, but I don't have much time for it anymore.

I know the community has gone through waves of activity. Things look slow, but not completely dead. Would anyone like to take over maintaining it?

Here's my selection process: Post a reply asking for the job. Preferably the new admin would be someone in med-school, or who has already graduated, and has been active in the community. To increase your chances, please include your MCAT score, organic chemistry grade, and a personal statement outlining why you want to maintain the community. "To help people" is not an acceptable answer.
Or  I may just choose the first post. It depends on how many applications are Russian spam.
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