Sara (sonrosado) wrote in med_school,

International Graduates - Integrated, Accepted?

Hi !

I have two questions, for people working in the United States of America.

1. Do you work with any international graduates (or are you one yourself), where are they/you from? India/Pakistan/Mexico? How is it in the workplace, do they integrate, are they accepted and are they as competent or more so? Or, if there are any issues are they more about skin colour rather than passport? As in an African American with a US passport vs. a white Danish person with a Danish passport + visa?
Hope I haven't offended anyone, I did say 'if', I'm sure there are places where it doesn't matter two hoots.

2. How long would you advise studying for the USMLE step 1? I have heard 8-10 hours a day for 6 weeks recommended.

Thanks in advance.

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