Liz (evil_winky) wrote in med_school,

Existential Crisis-Medical School woes

I am a senior undergraduate majoring in French education and English lit. I happen to be student teaching this semester and have been questioning my desire to teach in public schools for a long time. It doesn't feel right like it used to and I believe I need a change in career. since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a doctor. Thoracic surgery has interested me greatly or infectious diseases. At any rate, I am considering a career switch. I've read med school requirements and I have 2 years of prerequisites to even think about getting a good score on the MCAT. I suppose the question I have is whether or not this is a reasonable career switch. For the next year, I need to teach to save up some money and get some good job experience. I feel as though being a teacher is a great thing to put on a med school application. I guess I just feel like it is really unattainable; as though I've started too late. I'm 22 and probably wouldn't be going to med school for another 2-3 years. Is this kosher? Practical? not completely insane?

The existential crisis continues...
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